The high-end massage chair market analysis and research report details the segment of the global luxury massage chair market by end users and types of distribution channels (sold in stores, online retail and other types).

It outlines market shares for key regions such as Europe, North America, Asia Pacific. The major brands are analyzed in this report.

Market prospects of luxury massage chairs (premium)

Technavio predicts that the global market for high-end massage chairs will grow twice as much, with an average CAGR of about 6% during the period from 2018 to 2020. This is due to increased work pressure that causes increased stress and possibly leading to weight gain, high blood pressure, depression, poor circulation…. Therefore, people need to relax more from the pressures from life and work, and increase the demand for massage chairs in general and high-end massage chairs in particular.

An increase in the labor force is one of the main drivers of market growth. The number of employees increases, the free time decreases, the more people want to relax in the remaining time. People always tend to want to find convenient products, they choose to buy massage chairs instead of having to spend time to see a therapist directly.

End-user segment and luxury market massage chair analysis

The segment of household massage chairs dominated the market in 2015, with a market share of about 60% due to average income and rising living standards. According to the report, from 2016 to 2020, the market for high-end massage chairs will grow strongly and users will choose reputable and famous brands such as Family Inada, Panasonic ... instead of average brands. People by good quality, nice design, flexible warranty even though the price is quite high. 70% of customers said that they only buy massage chairs once to relax with the whole family, so they focus more on quality and design, as well as choosing large brands by the company. Their massage technology is at the forefront of the industry.

Geographic segmentation and market analysis of luxury massage chairs

Asia Pacific


North America

Europe accounted for 43% market share in 2015 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 5% during the forecast period. The increase in tourism is the main driving force for the development of the market in the region, as massage chairs are increasingly being deployed at airports and other places such as hotel lounges, shopping centers, etc. Tourists can relax.

The competitive landscape of "Big Men"

Luxury massage chair brands in the market compete on the basis of price, quality, innovation, service, reputation, distribution and advertising. The competition of major brands has led to an increase in the number of mergers and acquisitions, in which smaller entities are being acquired or merged with major rivals.

Playground belongs to the "big" Japan

According to research and analysis results, the market for high-quality massage chairs is mainly owned and operated by Japanese manufacturers. This result is not surprising because the Japanese invented the first massage chair in the world and Mr. Nichumi Inada - Founder of Family Inada firm created the first Shiatshu physiotherapy massage chair. In the world.

Japan is inherently the most competitive and technical market in the world. Amazingly, more than 22% of Japanese households own at least one massage chair! Over the years, the fierce competition in the Japanese market has pushed the sophistication and reliability of Japanese massage chair brands to the present position and far surpasses the manufacturers in other countries in the world. gender. In general, any consumer who is interested in quality should choose Japanese brands.

Market of luxury massage chairs (premium) in Vietnam 2017 - 2020?

In Vietnam, Okasa has completely occupied the market of high-end massage chairs from 2018 - now. Massage chair products manufactured and imported directly in Japan are quite expensive, so that the "big men" are quite reserved in this potential market. Only Family Inada is the Made in Japan massage chair brand in Vietnam market.

In recent years, Vietnam's per capita income has been increasing, the viewpoint of "enjoying" living has increased significantly compared to the point of "tightening".

Owning a full body massage chair is the choice of smart consumers who want to invest in their health. However, users are not instructed or provided sufficient information to care, store, and clean their massage chairs for the most persistent use. A properly maintained and hygienic massage chair can run well for 24 years according to the manufacturer's commitment. In the following article, Maxcare will show you how to use effective hygiene in the least time and effort.


02 clean towels

Warm water

Specialized wash water for leather.

These devices are most easily found in supermarkets or near you. With a special wash, you need to pay attention to buy the right type can clean the skin.

Before cleaning the massage chair you own, you need to unplug the chair and make sure it is not near any open source to avoid electric shock or electric accidents. Do not use wet hands to unplug.


wipe leather seats

The skin of the massage chair is one of the parts in contact with the body. Therefore, to always have the most comfortable feeling on massage chairs, depending on the type of leather used for massage chairs, you should regularly and have the method to clean the skin properly. For Inada massage chairs, leather chairs made of Sythentic material are not peeling and durable forever, And for Maxcare massage chairs, life expectancy is from 8 to 10 years.

How to clean the skin:

You need to dip a clean cotton towel in warm water and squeeze out the water. You can also add skin-specific cleansing water to the wash basin.

However, it should be noted that do not use household cleaners because it contains bleach or alcohol, it will make the leather seats hard or faded. If you can't find a cleanser that's specifically for this material, or to be more economical, you can create a fairly effective and safe cleaning mixture with a combination of 1 part white vinegar and 2 parts oil. flax into a spray bottle or a small cup, mix well.

This compound is gentle enough to remove dust and stains on the seat surface, both makes the skin surface more shiny and also very safe for hand skin. After removing the dust, stain on the skin surface, we need to clean the detergent used by using a soft cloth towel to wipe and absorb all of those substances into this towel.


plastic toilet seats

With the plastic part of the chair, you also clean with a clean towel that has been wet with warm water. After cleaning, it is necessary to wipe with a soft cloth.


wipe the control panel

With the control panel of the massage chair, you MUST use a dry towel to clean to prevent water from seeping into the damaged electronic circuits. From there, affect the operation of the chair. When cleaning, also pay close attention to avoid damaging the function buttons.

After clean and full of chair components, you should also pay attention to the chair in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight, affecting the seat quality.

The most luxurious and luxurious massage chairs in the world already present in Vietnam are distributed by the sole distributor Okasa

Okasa Pro S1 series massage chair (M8 & M8 LE) upgraded from FUJIIRYOKI Body Massage Chair JP-870 - Made in Japan made entirely by Japanese engineers designed by Okasa

Okasa Pro S1 massage chair belongs to the worldwide limited edition massage chair that only produces 2000 pieces of genuine leather ultra-rare and expensive ultra-durable back skin made specifically for the most expensive sports cars. world


They were completely taken over after the first 20s of experience on the FUJIIRYOKI JP-870 full body massage chair, the beauty of the chair attracted them the precise masage movements to the smallest point on the body. The most comprehensive warmth that no other masage chair in the market has yet to do

Mr. Hoang in Ho Chi Minh City - one of the first customers to own chair M8 LE shared that: "I have signed many more important contracts since putting FUJIIRYOKI JP-870 full body massage chair in the office. because when his clients come to the contracting office they appreciate his ability to choose as well as his financial potential. And it's undeniable that the chair is so good it makes him relax and recover his strength and strength. instant mind when tired it is also very suitable feng shui (he laughed).

Okasa Pro S1 massage chair has awakened the entire senses of the user by the fragrant aroma that is transmitted into the air through the melodious essential oil burner, which is slowly lifted up through the music player to make the surrounding air more fresh. Ion air purifier, warm yellow LED light automatically pops up with footsteps, making the space romantic and warm

On the market there are many popular massage chair brands are Chinese and Japanese massage chair brands. Massage chair firm is said to be the best in the world voted by global consumers as Okasa massage chair company of Japan.


Okasa massage chair company (Family Okasa) founded in 1962 by Mr. Nichumi Okasa is the ONLY chair manufacturer made in Japan and certified by the Japanese government to produce "Medical Massage Chair" - Medical Massage Chair. For over 55 years, Okasa massage chairs have conquered users all over the world from USA, UK, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Dubai Vietnam ... that makes everyone love right from the first experience.

Okasa massage chair available in Vietnam market opens a new revolution for massage chair users:

Massage chairs are not just for relaxation

Okasa therapeutic massage chair has a balance between two benefits: Relaxation and therapeutic benefits help treat the diseases of the spinal disc herniated disc with sciatica adjustment of blood pressure and heart.


Users all over the world share that they love Okasa massage chairs for the first time in the chair and Okasa is the best massage chair brand in the world today. What makes Okasa so popular with users?

+ Okasa smart massage chairs are preferred by the user. Okasa always aims to personalize customer experience because it understands that the body and the need for relaxing massage are different. Okasa uses a "body scanner" which is a 3D roller system with an optical sensor that allows accurate detection of acupuncture points on the body to massage in accordance with 106 different body types. That's why Okasa knows exactly where the pain in your body feels like the hands of a massage therapist giving you great relaxing moments.

+ Okasa massage chair uses Sythentic antibacterial high-grade synthetic leather material that is user-friendly soft and better than conventional imitation leather for the perfect massage chair experience.

+ Okasa is the first chair firm in the world to successfully create a Shiatsu massage chair - Traditional Japanese seal technique that uses the force of the thumb to act on the body's acupuncture points. In order to perform acupressure therapy, the rollers must be flexible and must work properly with acupressure.


Okasa focuses resources on R&D (research and development) to create a different Okasa brand in the market. Okasa's factory is a benchmark of Japanese quality and reliability. Okasa massage chairs achieve the exacting mechanical standards of rigorous certification awards around the globe, such as:

2010 CES Awards for design and electrical parts.

2009 ASFD Award - Association of Interior Designers

USA for Pinnacle Design 2009.

CES 2005 CES awards for design and electrical parts.

2004 CES CES awards for design and electrical parts.


Okasa is the only massage chair manufacturer in the world made in Japan. The famous Japanese massage chair companies in the world such as Fuji Panasonic ... all have manufacturing factories in China to reduce product costs. But at the same time, Okasa is also a massage chair in the world certified by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security as a Medical Therapy Chair.


Based on the mind-muscle connection, researched by Japanese doctors and scientists: The body is healthy - The Soul of Happiness Based on the research and philosophy, Okasa created massage chairs (massage chairs ) with the goal "For a HEALTHY & HAPPY life", ensuring a balance between therapeutic benefits and relaxation minimizing stress and fatigue, improving the quality of life.


When you consider buying an item that is important to your well-being and family as a massage chair you need to do the necessary research to make a healthy investment for your health. friend.

With the goal of buying a good masage chair that you can use for years provides massage exercises to help you relax deeply reduce stress and fatigue. Only the world's best massage chairs Okasa® can do all that.

Okasa massage chairs are not the most expensive massage chairs in the world but they are built to run well over 24 years giving you the best value for the money you spent.

Feature of stretching massage in massage chair models includes 2 types of body stretching massage and partial stretching massage (stretching legs, stretching the neck, ..)

A massage chair is a combination of a lot of features of zero gravity massage, full body massage, airbag, massage, stretch massage, in which stretch massage is one of the main features that many massage chair users love. liked by the benefits it brings


The first part of the stretching process on the massage chair is the operation of the shoulder airbag. The air bags are inflated to help fix the shoulder. At the same time, the leg airbag also works to fix the legs.

The rest is the role of the rollers and the rear motors that create alternating movements that expand and collapse the body.For the extended state, the moving rollers move forward, bringing the hips and pelvis up. high so that your legs and shoulders are lowered

In the miniature state, the roller system will operate backwards to lower the hips and pelvis and shoulders and is raised upwards. In summary, the stretching activity in massage chairs is modeled as an extended rotation. and shrink your body slowly and moderately

Video on how the stretch function works


In sports such as gymnastics and yoga, stretching is the basic and most frequently used exercise.

This movement is simply understood as an extension of a part or the whole of the body, causing the muscles to stretch for a short time about 1 to 3 minutes depending on the body's ability to produce muscle reflex reflex.

 Stretching yoga simulation

Stretching movements when practicing

After the stretch ends, the muscles naturally release, the muscle fibers are released and the muscles become more resilient. Once the stretch passes through the muscle fibers, they return to their natural state. Therefore, in order to achieve the goal of stretching, you need to work slowly and continuously over a long period of time

The feature of stretching in massage chairs is similar. When you come to a showroom to sell massage chairs, if your eyesight see the difference of cheap massage chairs and stretching massage chairs, the massage chair with stretching feature will have Add shoulder bag parts

The feature of stretching massage in massage chairs includes 2 types of full body massage and partial stretching massage (stretching the legs, stretching the back, stretching the neck, ..) for massage chairs with full body stretching features. usually higher than other conventional chairs

So what effect does massage chair bring?

Stretching massage in massage chair brings many effects for users similar to other stretch sports

- Stretching massage helps to quickly relax the muscles to relieve pain quickly and help the body more flexible As mentioned above, the mechanism of stretching massage is to stretch the muscles and tissues directly in time. Therefore, stretching massage is a direct impact on the areas of muscles that are exhausted, bringing immediate pain relief for users.

- Stretching massage helps reduce pressure on the spine and disc With reasonable traction acting along the spine, the expansion of the spinal cavity reduces the pressure for the disc. spine like a herniated spine disc, ..

- Relaxing massage helps relax joints, stimulate the body to produce oily fluid, lubricate the joint cartilage to increase flexibility in movement.

Not only old people suffer from dry joints At present, people who are susceptible to this condition also include office workers who are sedentary and people who eat and drink lack of substance, who often use alcohol and drugs. In addition to methods such as micronutrient supplementation to increase the lubrication of cartilage joints in people with dry joints, gentle joint movement is the best way to treat this disease.

Stretching massage helps to increase the pressure continuously on joints. Chiropractic therapy combined with physical therapy helps patients to reduce pain when moving and have positive changes.

- Stretching massage helps to adjust the spine to return the natural S-curve to the body

Sitting studying and working in the wrong position to work hard for a long time, .. These are the causes of abnormal scoliosis of the body lose the natural upright physique Massage chair stretching the whole body will bend The swaying body arches the spine to adjust the spine daily to return the natural S-curve to the body

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